Welcome Aboard, New Recruit!

Here at Adventure Inc. we specialize in putting a price on priceless artifacts. We act as an intermediary between customers who have a need for certain treasures and dungeoneers that possess the ability to obtain them. However, we don’t just hire any mercenary hood off the street, all of our adventurers must attend a training course to obtain their first class level. After completion of the program, you and the other new hires will be placed into a work group where you will be free to complete company mandated quests for fame and, of course, profit. Delvers who complete quest contracts for the company will have the opportunity to move up in the world of business and all company employees receive a discount at all AdventureMart stores.

After you have familiarized yourself with the Employee Hand Book, take a look at the wiki.

This is a game to be run IRL with up-to 6 PCs. If you have recieved an invitation to play in this campaign please create an obsidian portal account and contact me for further information. I plan to hold the first session Wednesday, May 9, 2012 at 6pm and every Wednesday to follow. Character creation and further details will be outlined in the wiki.

Adventure Incorporated