Bezzil Frank

Mr. Frank is a mysterious adventurer turned business man. His whereabouts has been unknown for quite some time.


Indiana Jones wishes he could live up to Bezzil’s reputation. With his trusty hat and guitar combo he is the epitome of manly endeavours. They say his steel jaw line can strike down bears with a glance and sometimes if you listen to the wind you can almost hear women calling his name.


Bezzil Fredrick “Macho Man” Frank (born Ganari 21, 953) is an Nespan business magnate and investor. Frank co-founded Adventure Corporation with Cornelius Billingsworth. He is also the 48th richest person in the world and he is the founder and chairman of Paperwork Inc., which manages his business and philanthropic efforts. Frank also has a multi-billion gp investment portfolio which includes alchemical companies, real estate holdings, and stakes in other magic, treasure, and content companies. Allen also owns two professional sports teams, the Redhook Maulers of the Nespa Fearball League (NFL), and the Bandarian Trail Blazers of the Nespa Arena Association (NAA). Franks’s memoir Adventure Man: How To Be Awesome was released on Ganari 19, 1011.

Bezzil Frank

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