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Adventure Incorporated is a “Sand-Box” style Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition campaign slated to be run in Coralville, Iowa starting on Wednesday May 9th, 2012 and continuing every Wednesday following. If you have been invited to play in this campaign and need more information on how to find the game contact me.

Having completed their time at the Adventure Training Facility, and choosing their first class level, players will assume the role of the Adventure Corporations newly-hired underlings. At this point players may decide how they progress and interact in the world. Become famous “company men”, roam the land looking for amazon ladies, or just start burning things… It’s all good. The game will be light RP with an emphasis on fun.


  1. Download the ESSENTIALS PACKAGE I have provided.
  2. Consult the CHARACTER CREATION page.
  3. Create your character using the 4E CHARACTER BUILDER.
  4. Get a hold of me!

Main Page

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